Knowing precisely what kind of gathering you are planning is key to successfully deliver on your “event promise”. Each “community category” listed carries a unique set of “event elements” and expectations for community attendees as well as for the organizing body:


Athletic or Sporting Event

A spectator or participatory display of interest involving recreational or competitive sport activities by individuals or teams of athletes.

Business and Corporate Event

Any event that supports business objectives including management functions, corporate communications, education, training, marketing, incentives, customer relations.

Cause Related and Fundraising Event

An event created by or for a charitable or cause-related group for the purpose of attracting revenue, support and/or awareness.

Education and Training

A one-time or periodic, free or ticketed class, curriculum or content delivery system for the purpose of skill development, knowledge growth, and advancement by experience.

Entertainment and Leisure Events

A one-time or periodic, free or ticketed performance or exhibition event created for entertainment purposes.

Exhibitions and Tradeshow

An event bringing buyers and sellers and interested persons together to view and/or sell products, services and resources to a specific industry or to the general public.

Festivals and Fairs

A cultural celebration, either religious or secular, created by and/or for the public.

Government and Civic Event

A gathering comprised of or created by or for communities or municipal or national government entities, for the purpose of governance, conducting the work of the chartered entity or for public engagement.

Hybrid Event

A “meeting within a meeting” that utilizes internet, satellite, or radio technology to broadcast or stream audio and/or video of a “live” face to face event to a “virtual” online audience, usually in realtime.

Marketing Event

Creation of a commerce-oriented marketplace to facilitate bringing buyer and seller together or to create awareness of a commercial product or service.

Meetings, Conferences, Conventions

The assembly of people for the purpose of exchanging information, debate or discussion, consensus or decisions, education, and relationship building.

Religious Events

A public or private assembly for worship, outreach, celebration, or prayer.

Social and Life Cycle Events

A semi-private or private occasion usually by invitation only, celebrating a season or event or commemorating a cultural, religious, communal, societal, or life-cycle milepost.


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