link listing categories: administration, design, marketing, operations, risk


Active Endurance  administration tool for sports and fitness events

Elance   administration tool to find freelancers, subcontractors

FreelanceSwitch   administration tool to find freelancers, subcontractors

MeetingApps   administration tool to find best of class apps

Tournament Expert  administration tool to organize golf tournaments

Trust Event  administration tool to organize golf events, conferences, tradeshows

Volunteer Local   administration tool to find manage and keep volunteers

Wild Apricot   administration tool to organize, manage nonprofits OP Top Pick

YouCanBookMe   administration tool for personal appointments, calendars


eBooth  design tool for tradeshow diagramming

FloorplanGenie  design tool for tradeshow diagramming

Meeting Matrix   design tool for room diagramming

SmartDraw  design tool for layouts floorplans tradeshow maps

SpeakerMatch  design component to find and hire speakers facilitators trainers 

TechSpec   design tool to verify hotel/venue internet bandwidth capacity/limitsOP Top Pick

TopTablePlanner  design tool for room diagramming and seating arrangements


Blog Talk Radio  marketing tool via self-hosted radio programs on internet radioOP Top Pick

Expect Referrals   marketing tool for word of mouth campaignsOP Top Pick

GoMo   marketing tool to test website mobile appearance

MailerMailer   marketing tool for email campaigns

Modenza  marketing tool for website and document data scraping

oDesk  marketing tool for list building, data extraction, complete campaigns

Vimeo for Business  marketing tool for web-based business and event promo video

Vine  marketing tool for publishing and broadcasting six second videos 


Bizzabo   operations tool to aid attendee networking

etouches operations tool for registration

event2mobile   operation tool to allow live speaker and registrant networking

EventMobi operations tool for attendees to access event info  

Eventspot operations tool for registration

GatherDigital  operations tool for onsite attendee engagement

Janrain   operations tool to speed up registration via social login

Pathable   operations tool to allow registrants to network privately

Poll Everywhere   operations tool for real-time surveys on mobile devices

regfilter   operations tool to find registration system solutions

RegOnline operations tool for registration

Whindo   operations tool for online ticket and registration sales

Zerista   operations tool to allow registrants to network privately

ZipSurvey  operations tool for online surveys


PurpleGuide  risk tool for event risk management

Risk Management  risk tool (ebook) for event and meeting planning

Volunteer and Risk Management  risk tool and guide for events and organizations